How to Find the Best Soundproof Window for Your Home?

Mar 17 , 2022

How to Find the Best Soundproof Window for Your Home?


How to Find the Best Soundproof Window for Your Home?

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to find the best soundproof window for your home.

If you've ever had the displeasure of living next to someone who likes to blast their music at all hours of the day and night or can't get to sleep at night because of the construction going on next door, then you know how important it is to find a good soundproof window for your home. Not only can it help keep the noise out, but it can also add an extra layer of insulation during the cold winter months. But with so many different types and brands available on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Know what to look out for when buying soundproof windows, when to use soundproof material and other soundproofing options to make your home more livable.

What are the Best Sound Proof Windows?

Soundproof windows are designed to reduce the amount of noise that enters your home from the outside, and that’s one way to improve the overall comfort of your living space. You can identify the best soundproof windows by their;

·         Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating - This is a measure of how well a window blocks sound. The higher the STC rating, the better the window will be at blocking sound.

·         Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating - This is a measure of how much noise a window can block. The higher the NRC rating, the more noise the window will be able to block.

·         Thickness - The thicker the window, the better it will be at blocking sound. The sound waves might be trapped or completely blocked from entering the room.

·         Material - Certain materials, such as toughened or laminated glass, are better at blocking sound than others.

How do you Soundproof Windows?

To effectively soundproof your windows, first know the type of window you have and the amount of noise you regularly experience. Some windows are already soundproof and you may not need to add any more treatment to block the sound waves. Double-pane windows, triple-pane windows, windows with laminated and acoustic windows offer good noise-reduction characteristics. If you are living in an old house, it probably has single-glazing windows and may need soundproof material.

Effective ways to soundproof your windows include:

1.    Using window inserts-These are installed on the window frame on the inner face of the panes. The space created between the insert and the window pane is what absorbs sound waves hence reducing noise.

2.    Seal space along with the windows- gaps between the window frame or the window and the wall let in sound as well as they let in air. You may use acoustic caulk to fill these gaps.  It is a better option compared to silicon as it lasts a long time and is more flexible. You might want to remove old silicone (if you have it) and replace it with acoustic caulk for more effective soundproofing.

3.    Install double-cells shades- Just as the name states, double cell shades have double layers that trap sound waves and lower the sound volume.

Multiple-glazed windows and window inserts are perfect for noise reduction in environments that frequently experience loud noises like busy city apartments and buildings near entertainment places.

Laminated Windows – How Do They Block Noise?

The whole essence of laminated glass on windows is to block out unwanted noises. Laminated windows are a type of window that consists of two or more layers of glass. The layers of glass are separated by a thin layer of plastic, which helps to reduce noise. They are very effective and durable. They are also considered a safe window option, as they are less likely to break compared to other types of windows. The glass is truly unbreakable. The windows are however pricey but worth considering if you intend of living in a noise-free home.

Does Triple Pane Glass Reduce Noise?

Triple pane glass windows are perfect sound reducers for noisy areas. They are more effective than single and double pane windows because they are thicker.

A triple-pane glass window consists of three layers of glass. In between the three layers are two spaces infilled with gas that absorb sound and muffle it down. If your area is not very noisy, you may not need a triple pane window and can save money by choosing a different type of window or using alternative soundproofing material.

Other Options: Reduce Outside Noise

If you're looking for alternative ways to reduce the amount of noise that enters your home other than multiple-pane windows, here are a few suggestions:

1.      Use soundproofing curtains - Soundproofing curtains have a porous surface that absorbs sound waves. The thicker and tightly woven the fabric, the better insulation of soundproof curtains. Th ey reduce the amount of noise that comes out of a room better than that coming from the outside. They work by dampening the sound but won’t cancel it. These are great if you tend to produce a lot of noise in your home and would not want to be an irritation to your neighbors.

2.      Use window film - Window film is a thin layer of material that you can apply to your windows to help reduce the amount of noise that comes in. It is a great option if you want to reduce the amount of noise but don't want to replace your windows.

3.      Weather-stripping - Weather-stripping helps to seal gaps and cracks around your windows. This will help to reduce the amount of noise that enters your home from the outside through those tiny let-ins.

4.      Use soundproofing mats - Soundproofing mats are a great way to reduce the amount of noise that comes through your floors. However, they are not as effective at blocking out low-frequency noise, such as bass.

Everyone deserves to live in a noise-free home. Soundproof windows can help block out external noises a great deal. If you're looking for a soundproof window, consider the factors listed above and choose the best option for your needs. You can also ensure more effective soundproofing by simple treatments.


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