Ten Types of Round Windows

Mar 15 , 2022

Ten Types of Round Windows


Ten Types of Round Windows

There can be many ways to enhance the overall look of your home. You can add different home décor objects for fiving an aesthetic look. But the wonders that perfectly sized and designed windows can do isn’t possible by any other objects.

For adding refreshing scenarios whether to your bedroom or lounge, there isn't any best option than installing perfect windows. You can have different types of windows based on shapes and designs.

Forgiving a lively modern look to your home, customized round windows can do miracles. Round windows are not just circular types. There are many types of round windows. If you are interested to know about these, you are in right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss the popular ten types of round windows. Read the article carefully and choose the best one for your home, office, or any other building.

1.    Circle Windows

For giving a traditional look to your closets, entryway, or bathrooms, you can't find the best option other than circular windows. If you want to add more natural lights to your favourite comfortable space, your first consideration would be windows.

Circular windows are designed in such an aesthetic way that your place not only becomes brighter but also more comfortable. These give an attractive architectural view to your home or any other place where you install them.

2.    Hexagon Windows

Do you want to give a perfectly unique look to your place by adding simple objects? Well, you must want to have a place that looks completely different from others. The six cornered honeycomb-like hexagon windows are your destination.

You can give a blend of cultural and modern look to your home by adding hexagon windows to your bathroom, entryway, or closet. Don't miss a chance to keep your home close to natural light and ventilation. Try hexagon round windows.

3.    Octagon Windows

Octagon windows are the eight cornered windows that give the same look as the hexagon windows do but in a better way. these are the broader windows that not only allow more natural light to come into your place but also provide an aesthetic view outside.

You can add these windows to your kitchen for more ventilation and an attractive look. For a beautiful modern look to your home or office, these do the miracles.

4.    Oval Windows

Egg-shaped attractive looking oval-shaped windows come in different sizes. You can install them in your bathrooms for having broad daylight and proper ventilation.

Giving a more traditional and aesthetic look to your home, these oval-shaped windows can be added to stairways, entryways, or even kitchens.

5.    Arch Windows or Full springline

If you are looking for a round window that gives you a dual view of both a circle and a straight view, arch windows are the best things to install at your favourite place. You can add narrow side by side full springline windows for a traditional calm look to your home.

For a brighter and mind refreshing look of your dining room, arch windows are matchless. These windows are the most stylish ones for adding a timeless charm to your home.

6.    Half Circle Windows or Full Chord

These are the semi-circular windows that give your home the most stylish look. Half circle windows are can come with different diameters that you can choose according to your wish. For giving a more defined look to any of your places, half-circle windows will never go wrong.

7.    Partial Chord Windows

Partial chord windows most of the time are used as transom while using other regular-shaped windows. If you want to give your bedroom, living room, lounge, or entryway a calm and attractive look, trust me partial chord windows are the best option.

What makes you feel calm? Sometimes it's the natural light. Well, partial chord windows allow plenty of natural light with air in your most comfortable space for keeping you calm and relaxed.

8.    Quarter Round Windows or Quarter Circle Windows

These are the quarter of circle windows. Their shape is half of a half-circle. You can add these windows to your living room or even bedroom for more natural light exposure. If you are interested to add more style to your long room, quarter round windows are undoubtedly the best ones. These will add a round look to your long roof ceilings.

9.    Elliptical Windows

Ellipse is a type of circular form that isn't a perfect circle. For a better look at the large windows used in your home, elliptical windows can work as a transom. These add a more natural and traditional stylish look to a place.

Nothing can add more charm to your patio doors other than these elliptical windows. So, don’t miss an opportunity for giving a more defined look to your patio with these windows.

10.    Half Elliptical Windows

These are the windows that represent the half shape of an ellipse. For pairing up as a side-by-side duo of different windows, don’t think about any other option. Half elliptical windows are always there for giving your dreams a reality. If you want to add more natural light and ventilation to your home entryway, staircase way, bathroom, or kitchen with style and uniqueness, half elliptical windows will never go wrong.

You can buy these windows in any of the materials that seem more attractive. But if you want an expert's advice then go for wooden material. The white colour also enhances the charm of this shape of windows. It is entirely upon you to choose the material for your windows and customize the designs.

The Bottom Line

We have discussed the most popular ten types of round windows. There are many more than these. Be creative and think about new creative designs and types. Windows are the best objects that add more style and charm to your home, office, or any building. You can’t deny the blessings of their presence.

Always go with style and best designs. You can choose traditional styles along with modern ones. On the other hand, a blend of both styles is a great idea. Do whatever you want to do with your window designs for an enhanced and more aesthetic look.


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