What are Prefabricated Steel Frame Homes?

Apr 01 , 2022

What are Prefabricated Steel Frame Homes?


What are Prefabricated Steel Frame Homes?

Prefabricated homes are an easy and affordable option for people who have a low budget. Prefabricated steel homes are one of the durable homes that use to be manufactured in factories easily.

The steel frames are manufactured at different prefab factories and then transport to their final destination. These frames provide support for building modular prefab homes. Prefab steel frame homes are becoming popular day by day as they are easy to build and also come with different design choices.

If you have made up your mind and want to have a prefabricated home that contains a secure framework, you should surely try prefabricated steel frame homes at once. In this article, we will completely guide you about these frames with their pros and cons. We will also mention the cost of these homes.

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The Pros and Cons of Prefab Steel Frames

Prefabricated steel frames are highly durable so provide full security. These homes are easy to build and can be completed within no time. Following are some more advantages that you can enjoy with prefab steel frames


•    Steel frames are highly strong and unbreakable

•    Can't be mould easily

•    Pests, termites and fungus resistant

•    Weather-resistant (Earth quacks and fast winds)

•    Corrosion-resistant so steel frames don't damage by water

•    Heat and fire-resistant

•    Provide the best grounding to scratched electrical wires

•    Investment worthy as these can’t be wrapped easily

•    provides facility of variety of designs


•    Steel is a weak insulator

•    For proper construction, several specific tools are needed. Also, these frames can’t be installed by an inexperienced person

•    Less energy efficient

Prefabricated Steel Frame Home Designs

Prefabricated Steel Frame homes are worth buying. These homes come in a variety of designs. For different buildings, different steel frame designs can be installed. You can incorporate steel frames with different metals or even non-metals for a modern style and look.

Steel Frames with Glass incorporation

For an ultra-modern look of your prefab home, the incorporation of steel frames with glass is the best option to consider. Whether you are interested to have steel prefab homes for use as an office building or as an educational institute, its classy collaboration with glass enhances its beauty.  Glass increases the shine and also adds some charm to the overall look of prefab homes.

Concrete Incorporation with Steel

Steel prefabricated frame homes when incorporated with concrete give an extra bossy look to homes. This combination of material not only gives a high-class look but also provide long-lasting and bright colour.  So, be bold and try this combination for your prefab homes.

Apart from these two combinations, Brazilian style prefab homes contain a very strong base. The upper part of these prefab homes is also highly durable.

Steel Frame Kits

Steel frame kits are lightweight and highly durable. These frames don't wrap as time passes so can be a long-lasting option for prefabricated homes. If you built your roofline, floors or walls with steel frame kits, these will remain straight and as it is even after years. Wooden frames can be damaged easily by pests and insects at any time.

Steel frame kits also have another edge on wooden frames as these are non-combustible. So, if accidentally a place caught fire, you should be tension free with these frames. On the other hand, wooden frames caught fire easily. Steel frames are also stronger than wooden frames. Another advantage of steel frame kits is their insurance policy. The insurance costs of steel frames are usually lower than other material frame kits.

Steel frame kits are also easy to lift and come in different sizes i.e. you can have them for smaller prefab homes and bigger modern mansions too.

Steel Frame Prefab Material

Steel frames can be used in combination with different materials. A combination of steel with wood gives an extra cool and gorgeous look to a prefab home. Similarly, a combination of steel with concrete also goes very well.

Wooden frames look elegant though but they can be damaged easily. They usually can't resist weather changes and even bugs and insects. Similarly, other materials are highly expensive. So, for sturdier prefabricated homes, Steel frames are the best and most affordable option.

 Steel Frame Prefab Building Process

Steel prefabricated homes take very less time to build. These homes are usually pre-constructed about 80-90%. If you are going to have a steel prefab home, keep in mind that you require highly professional and expert persons for its installation. Steel prefab homes also require specific installation tools.

These homes are easy to ensemble and take very less time for this process. For long-lasting prefab homes option, steel frames are best as they are moist and weather resistant. Also, steel frames can't be damaged by insects and pests. These are also incombustible.


Steel is such a versatile and durable material that you can customize it in different styles and designs. For building a large sturdy home, Steel frames are the affordable option.

Construction Time

As discussed earlier that steel prefab homes are usually very lightweight. These homes can be built in different designs with many customizations. Steel prefab homes come in 80-90% pre-constructed form. Its off-site construction takes about 3-4 months but this time can be longer if there are complex custom designs that need to be added.

Steel prefab homes take almost 7-8 days for on-site construction by professionals. So, it is an easy and less time taking material for prefab homes construction.


Steel prefab homes' costs can vary with several factors. If a person gets only the frames of a prefab home in steel, it will cost him less but the entire steel home construction will cost more. Steel prefab homes also cost more than wooden homes but these are cost-effective ones due to their sturdy properties. The entire steel construction along with its finishing cost about $30 to $60 for one square foot. Similarly, the larger area a person wants, the more cost will increase.

The Bottom Line

Prefabricated Steel Frame homes are the best option to consider for larger and sturdy buildings. These homes are easy to build and very cost-effective. Steel prefab homes remain as it is even after years as steel is a weather-resistant material. You should surely go for this material if you have a low budget.

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