What is Considered a Standard Sliding Door Size?

May 24 , 2022

What is Considered a Standard Sliding Door Size?


What is Considered a Standard Sliding Door Size?

Sliding Glass doors are a new attraction for every second person who wants classy things in their home. You can place a sliding door next to a lawn, main entrance, or anywhere you find it attractive. The size of a standard glass door is almost 80 inches.

When it comes to the total measurement, it measures 80 inches tall almost. The width can vary depending upon the space, but the standard width of a sliding door is almost 60 inches and can be up to 70 inches.

Types of Sliding Doors Made Up Of Glass:

If you are thinking of adding a paneled sliding glass door to your home, then make sure to choose a standard size as it can fit the space well. Additionally, doors of such sizes are really easy to replace without any hassle.

There are normally two sections in the sliding doors. Below are sections of glass sliding doors:

•    Sliding Glass Panel

•    Fixed Glass Panel

Key Note: The sliding panel can be of two, three, or multiple panels. There are different sizing options available for sliding glass doors, and you can choose them according to your preferences and needs.

Two-Panel Sliding Glass Doors:

The first and most common type of sliding door is a two-panel glass door. The standard size of a two-panel glass sliding door is almost 80 inches, and the width can warry on users' demands. You can choose a width of an entire frame or just a part through which people can easily walk.

The width of the door is twice that it opens. So, make sure to choose the most appropriate width. Widths for two-panel doors that are commonly used are:

•    5 ft. (60 inches approximately)

•    6 ft. (72 inches approximately)

•    8 ft. (96 inches approximately)

Additionally, you can ask an expert for a customized length and the way you want to have the door.

Three-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

The second category is Three-panel sliding glass doors. These doors are quite big as compared to 2-panel glass doors. As they have 3 panels, so their sizes are quite big and increased.

The most common dimensions used for 3-panel glass doors are the following:

•    9 ft. (Approximately 108 inches)

•    12 ft. (Approximately 144 inches)

You can also make customized orders for your glass doors the way you want to.

Sliding Glass Door Heights:

Although the most common and in-use height is 80 inches, other than that, there are several other dimensions used to make sliding glass doors. The two most common dimensions used are:

•    6 ft. 10 inches (approximately 82 inches)

•    8 ft. (approximately 96 inches)

Many door makers also go for these sizes if the houses are big like mansions etc.

Sliding Glass Door Cost:

The cost of the glass sliding doors depends mainly upon the region or area you live in and their demand. Other than that, there are several other important factors upon which the cost of any sliding glass door depends. Below are the factors:

•    Material: The material of both frame and door

•    Sizes: The larger the size is, the more expensive the door will be

•    Upgrades: The price also depends on upgrades like texture, color, non-standard hardware, and patterns

The thing that is worthy to note over here is that frame hardware and material play a very important role in the estimation of cost. The most affordable option is 80x60 inches two-panel glass sliding door.

You must make sure that this door will last long before buying it. Whilst replacing a door after a few years, make a good choice and customize it accordingly. Make sure you are choosing a door that will last for years.

There are many best companies that offer customizable door services. You must opt for them and choose them for buying a perfect door.

Guide to Choose Right Size of Glass Sliding Door:

There are many places where you can find options to choose the perfect size for your door. Additionally, you can ask them for a customizable door as well. You will not only have an option of door size, but you will also have the option to choose the design and patterns of the door.

Sometimes you are naïve, and you do not know how to select a perfect patio door. Then the retailers or manufacturers can also provide you with a chart or a catalog of the framework and the design of the door. Additionally, it will also explain how much space is needed. Make sure to check each and every detail before buying a door.

We have created a short yet complete guide for you over here through which you will know what the perfect size for a glass-paneled door is. Consider the tips below to choose a perfect door size:

Glass Door Frame Size:

If you have enough room or are still in the design phase of the project, the real and overall size of the frame will be utilized to establish door measurements in addition to the opening that it will have. It estimates the maximum aperture you can get based on your entire sliding door measurements.

The thickness of the Wall:

The pockets are easily available in two standard widths of 10 cm and 12.5 cm of finished wall thickness. The goal is to make the pocket the same thickness as the stud-work-75 mm (3) "or 100 mm (4")—the two standard stud-work sizes typically used—so that ordinary 12.5 mm plasterboard can be directly stretched over the pocket with either 100 mm (4) "or 125 mm (5") wall thicknesses. Additional layers of plasterboard can be added to increase the overall breadth of the construction.


We suggest safe or tempered glass for most glass doors. This glass is great for doors since it will not shatter into sharp, jagged shards in the case of an accident.

The low-E glass prevents harmful Uv radiation from damaging your home's carpet and furniture.

Insulated glass units (IGUs), sometimes known as double pane windows, are used to boost energy efficiency.

Tinted or textured glass, as well as units with internal blinds, are additional custom glass choices available from your local Glass Doctor.

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