What is Prefab Home?

Apr 01 , 2022

What is Prefab Home?


What is Prefab Home?

Prefabricated homes are different from traditional on-site homes. The concept of prefab or prefabricated homes isn't new. In ancient times, people use to construct different parts of the home at different places and then ensemble those parts at another place.

If you want to have your own home within a lower budget, prefab homes are the best suitable option. Are you still confused about prefab homes; what they are, how they build etc? Don't worry. In this article, we are going to give you a complete overview of prefab homes.

We will discuss its types, price and also the benefits. Read it carefully.

What are Prefab Homes?

Prefab homes are untraditional homes that are usually built off-site (like in factories etc.). These are the dwelling buildings whose parts can be manufactured at any place. These parts can be shipped from one place to another. After that ensemble the parts and turn them into a home.

Prefab homes are easy to construct. These homes are always referring to a building and not to a home style. If this concept is new to you then many interesting things will surprise you. Prefab homes can be ordered from anywhere in the world and thanks to the fastest postal services, we can get them on time.

Traditional stick-built homes require different contractors and many other professionals to work on the home. These homes require much time to complete. On the other hand, prefab homes come constructed and you just need to fix them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prefab homes


•    energy efficient

•    fast construction

•    affordable


•    need to own  land for putting the prefab home

•    require more payment of up-front

Types of Prefab Homes

Prefabricated or prefab homes are of different types depending on their material and designs. Following are some common types of prefab homes.

Mobile homes

Mobile homes are prefab homes that are moveable and don't fix at a specific place. These homes contain tires and move on them. Mobile prefab homes are usually smaller in size and very easy to handle. These homes don't need to fix or install at a specific place since they contain wheels and can be moved easily from one place to other. In short, mobile prefab homes don't have a final destination.

This category of prefab homes is considered to be personal property. Mobile homes do not come in the housing category. These homeowners need a license from the Department of motor vehicles. There are certain rules and regulations that the owner of mobile homes has to follow.

Modular homes

These homes are always in form of different construction parts. Modular homes contain multiple sections/. All these sections use to build off-site and then delivered to the final destination where these need to be fixed. Modular prefab homes are quite larger and very diverse in designs. These homes contain an immovable base.

Modular prefab homes are considered buildings. So, the zoning and local building laws comply with these homes. Modular prefab homes are usually made up of the same material used for the construction of traditional buildings or houses. These prefab homes once fixed can't be moving anywhere else like the mobile homes. Modular homes require a crane for fixing. People get diverse choices to customize modular homes.

Manufactured homes

In past, manufactured prefab rooms are also considered mobile homes. But, these homes are not in mobile home categories anymore.  Mobile homes are moveable prefab homes that contain wheels. Manufactured prefab homes also contain moveable bases but are larger than mobile homes.

Manufactured homes are used to built off-site with steel material. After its complete construction, these homes reach a final destination where they use to fix. These prefab homes come under urban development codes authority and housing authority department. Manufactured homes might be single, double and even triple sizes. People can get a choice here in their size.

What is the Average Price of a Prefab Home?

Prefab homes are usually affordable. These are low in cost than the stick-built traditional houses. If you want to know what a prefab home cost you, then keep in mind that their prices vary with several factors.

Following are some factors that decide the price of a prefab home for you.

•    Size of prefab home (No. of stories of the home)

•    design complexity

•    how much customization you want

When you determine all these factors, you become able to calculate the price of prefab homes. You can use calculators or estimators too for this purpose. Keep in mind that certain household things don't include in the price of any type of prefab home.

Following are some of those things that price doesn't include in the price of prefab homes. You pay the price of only the constructed parts.

•    Land cost (You have to buy land by yourself)

•    Cost of driveway installation

•    Utility hookups

•    Stairs that you require between two stories

•    Foundation cost

•    Appliance cost (Air conditioner, oven, washer etc.)

So, if you are deciding to buy a prefab home and want to estimate its price, keep in mind the factors that you have to accomplish additionally. After counting them in, you can calculate the exact cost of your home.

Would a Prefab Homework be Good for me?

Prefab homes are the best option when you have a lower budget and no time for having a headache with the onsite building of traditional homes. These homes cost little as compared to stick-built homes. So, if you are passionate enough to buy a prefab home and ensemble it according to your own, you can buy it. As we have discussed the types of prefab homes and also pros & cons, you should surely focus on those too. After you feel satisfied, take away and do what you want to do.

The Bottom line

Prefab homes are nice looking and minimalistic or even luxurious homes that can save a person from many difficulties. People can get a variety of options in the designs and sizes of these homes. Hopefully, this article has been very beneficial for you. Now, it's your turn to take the most suitable decision for you and move on. Good Luck!

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