What is the Cost to Install a 4-panel Sliding Door

May 12 , 2022

What is the Cost to Install a 4-panel Sliding Door


What is the Cost to Install a 4-panel Sliding Door?

Sliding doors are a in the market for decades. But 4-panel glass sliding doors have become a new attraction. They make an attractive and appealing house, office, or any other place that needs a sliding door. Due to their huge demand, you can find them anywhere.

Most people question how much 4-panel glass sliding doors cost? Well, the cost ranges depending upon the material, length, and nature of the door. They can range from almost $300 to $5000. The most common type of door has an aluminum or vinyl frame. Similarly, the most expensive sliding doors of 4-panel glass are of materials like Pella, Marvin, Andersen, etc.

What Are The Types Of Patio Doors?

Patio doors come in different sizes and qualities. Similarly, there are three types of patio doors. These are:

•    French Doors: These are typically the doors that open in the places like gardens.

•    Bi-fold doors: These doors open up in concertina fashion and are having multi-panels.

•    Standard sliding doors: These doors typically have two glass panels, two of the panels or one panel is sliding.

These doors are different from one another, having different and unique styles.

French doors:

If you want to add something stylish to the property, then go for the French glass-paneled doors. They usually take a similar space that is from the wall to normal patio doors. The main difference in them is that they can open outwards, which makes them attractive.

Such doors are usually paired with classic casement windows on both sides. This allows more light to enter inside. Not only this, but these windows look amazing and give an attractive style. Most British homeowners go for such styles.

French doors are usually traditional, and the woodwork done is the main feature that may attract any person.

Sliding Patio Doors:

Sliding patio doors are famous because many homes have them, and they have been on the market for years. These doors best give unparalleled views of the garden through the large glass panes. The best part is that glass panels are fixed in the frames in such a way that they do not get broken.

These doors are big and also require big wall space to accommodate. But the longitudinal requirements are not that big enough. These doors do not need a room so that they can be open outwards or inwards. This thing means that if you have a small patio area, these doors can fit very well. These doors are also famous because they are strong and you will not have to worry about safety.

Bi-fold Doors:

Bi-fold doors are also one of the three types of patio doors. These doors are long and require a concertina-like installation. Their installation allows you to peel back the whole wall to open up to another part of the house completely.

These doors are made of uPVC panels and separate glass. There are hinges that connect the door frame and hinges together. It means that you can easily fold one side like a concertina. So, you can easily open up the other side of the house.

Pros And Cons Of Patio Glass Doors:

Everything has its specific pros and cons. Similarly, patio glass doors come with advantages and several disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons of Patio doors:


Following are the pros of 4-panel glass sliding doors:

1. Provide light:

Most people prefer the natural lights; for this reason, they prefer the sliding glass doors that help them get a big amount of light. These doors are like huge windows. It also helps natural heat come in the winter season as well.

2. Require Little Room:

These glass doors are commonly used and are also perfect for small houses. The best part is that these doors do not take up much space. To open these doors, you will have to simply slide the door. They have pivots that help them to be handled. In addition, they are of three types, and you can choose the one that suits you best.


Below are the cons of 4-panel glass sliding doors:

1. Having Security Issues:

Although these sliding doors are catchy, but they come with several security flaws. The major flaw is that they allow the people to see inside your house easily. Normally they are attached to outside or backyards. So, the people or criminals can easily peek inside without even getting caught. So, this can be a risk.

2. They Can Have Cleaning Issues:

The main issue with 4-panel glass sliding doors is that they can get dirty real fast. These sliding doors will require a lot of time to clean them. You will need to take care of getting protected against dirt. Similarly, they can also get dirty by touch. Even the track on the door can also get dirty because of its use. So, they are hard to maintain.

The Cost Of Replacing A Sliding Patio Door:

There are basically three quality doors. They can be basic, mid-range, or high-end quality.

•    The basic doors are made up of vinyl or aluminum, and they have a single pane. The size of basic 4-panel glass sliding doors is standard.

•    Mid-range sliding 4-panel glass doors range from $800 to almost $2,000. Usually, they are made up of materials like clay, wood, etc. They are double-paned and mostly are tinted. Additionally, they have built-in blinds.

•    High-End sliding glass doors are almost $2,000 to $5,000. They include Fiberglass. The sizes are custom sizes and include triple-pane.


4-panel glass sliding doors are popular because of a lot of reasons. These are one of the most classic yet affordable choices. In addition, they can provide your natural heat and light whenever you want. Although they have security flaws, but you can fight against such flaws with proper security lock system. Furthermore, 4-panel glass sliding doors make an attractive look in your house and add beauty to it. The only thing that can cause trouble is their cleaning. But if you clean them regularly, it won't be an issue.

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