What Type of Material is the Best for My Screen Door?

Mar 24 , 2022

What Type of Material is the Best for My Screen Door?


What Type of Material is the Best for My Screen Door?

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful outdoor of your home garden or lawn? Well, screen doors are made for that purpose. These not only increase the beauty of your home but also add ventilation. Screen doors are made up of screen material with surrounding frames of different types of materials.

If you want to enhance the overall look of your home, screen doors are the practical option to avail for this purpose. Apart from a modern aesthetic look, these doors do wonders in various senses. This article is all about screen doors and their benefits. We will also discuss the types of material that are best for your screen doors.

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Benefits of Screen Doors

Screen doors give your home a more appealing and modern look. These are the ways to enhance the appearance of your home in a better way. So if you are wondering what other magics these doors do, let's look. Following are a few of the benefits of screen doors.

i.    Improves the security

Screen doors are the protective barriers that not only enhance the beauty of your home but also make it safe. Whether you use stainless steel material screen doors or aluminum doors, these are useful in every material.

ii.    Energy efficient

If you are worried about your electricity bills due to the excessive use of bulbs and fans, screen doors can be the best energy-efficient option. These doors let the air and light come into the home and prevent you from on extra fans or bulb lights. Isn't it a worth considering option? Surely, it is more than this.

iii.    Ventilation

A whole day's hectic routine gives mental stress. Your mind needs some cool breeze with a cup of tea or coffee so that it can be relaxed. What if a single addition to your home reduces your stress? Well, you will surely love to have it. Screen doors allow the cool breeze to come in. You can install these doors at one of your favorite home spots. Have a cup of coffee and enjoy a relaxing time with an outdoor natural view.

iv.    Enhance the value of your home

If you are thinking to restyle your home in a better way, do consider the addition of screen doors. These not only décor your home in an aesthetic way but increases your home's value. You can install these doors in any color that matches your home theme.

v.    Keep the insects and bugs away

Last but not the least, screen doors keep the insects away from your home. You can enjoy your time with nature in a safe and bugs free environment with these doors.

Types of Screen Doors

Apart from increasing the charm of your home, screen doors also increase the comfort level of your home. So if you are deciding to install screen doors in your home are want to change already installed doors, you should know about these door types. Following are some types of screen doors explained.

i.    Retractable Screen doors

If you want some temporary screen doors that you can hide when you don't want to see them, retractable Screen doors are made for you. These doors allow you to enjoy nature in a bug-free environment. You can hide these doors when they are not in use just by pulling them. Isn't it an interesting screen door type? Such types of doors are usually installed in front of main doors.

ii.    Classic Screen doors

This is the simplest type of screen door that is very friendly to use and provides you with all the benefits that modern ones do.

iii.    Sliding Screen Doors

For a more stylish look, sliding doors are one of the modern and more comfortable screen doors. These can be installed in front of your normal glass doors for an enhanced charming look.

iv.    Pivoted screen doors

Here comes one of the most stylish and modern looking screen doors. As the name represents that these doors are used to mount at a pivoting hinge. These are easy to operate and provide all the worthy functions.

The Best Material for Screen Door

Screen doors come in different materials. People choose the material that best suits their situation. You might want to install screen doors for keeping the insects and bugs away. Sometimes, people have rowdy children who wander anywhere. For their protection, people think about the installation of these doors.

As discussed earlier that there are many benefits of screen doors. These provide more protection and are highly durable. On the other hand, screen doors are energy efficient that provide you with natural air and light so you can save on your electricity bills. In an area that is full of insects, screen doors provide protection and a safer environment for enjoying nature.

The screens of these doors are mostly made up of aluminum and fiberglass material. Apart from this durable material, the stands of these doors vary in material. So let's have a look at the materials that are commonly used for screen doors.

i.    Wood

Wooden Screen doors provide a beautiful traditional look. These are more durable and come in a variety of options. Wood can be of Fir tree that is perfect for standard doors. Similarly, Oak, poplar, and mahogany woods are also available for the enhanced beauty and durability of screen doors.

ii.    Glass

Glass screen doors in various colors give an aesthetic look. These doors provide you with the privacy that you want in your home enjoying the full outdoor view.

iii.    Aluminum

Aluminum is the best material that is used for screen doors. It is a highly durable and rustproof material. The screen doors that are made up of Aluminum are strong and even withstand the dangerous UV light.

iv.    Metal

If you want a screen door that resists the bad air from outside, the screen doors made up of metals (copper, bronze) are the best option to utilize. These doors are perfect to install in areas that contain high humidity levels. The metal screen doors can be more expensive than the others but look gorgeous.

Other materials

Besides all the above-mentioned material, screen doors also come in the following materials

•    Steel

•    Vinyl

•    Fibreglass

•    Plastic

Screen doors enhance the beauty of your home. These provide your home protection and privacy. So, it's a better idea to install these doors for protection against insects. We have described the type of materials that you can have for your screen doors. Choose the one that best matches your requirements.

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