Why Choose Hopper Window Installed in Your Home

Apr 06 , 2022

Why Choose Hopper Window Installed in Your Home


Why Choose Hopper Window Installed in Your Home

Some people think that all types of windows can be fitted anywhere in their homes, however, it is partially true. Because some windows are more appropriate for specific functions. Over the years, Hopper windows have become quite popular. Here is what you need to know all about a Hopper window.

What is a Hopper Window?

A hopper window is usually fitted in the bathroom or basement. It is a compact window with an inward or downward opening. A hopper window is fitted on the top section of the wall and in basements, often among a cluster of glass block windows. They offer good ventilation as they are placed high up on a wall.

What is the Size of a Hopper Window?

Most commonly found hopper windows are compact and are arranged horizontally. However, there is a large variety of Hopper windows available in different sizes and shapes. The standard size of a basement hopper window is 3x 2 Ft. The maximum size of a hopper window is 50 inches x 30 inches.

Comparison: Hopper VS. Awning Window

Hopper windows are much like awning windows; the only major dissimilarity is the manner in which they open.

Hopper Windows with inward openings, open directly into your living area and can be mounted at either the bottom or the top.

Awning Videos with outward openings, open distant from the house and are always mounted high up on the wall.

Consideration for Windows Installation in your Home

•    Windows Installation Place

Before you decide on buying new windows for your home, first consider the place where you need to fit the windows. The selected place will lead to the kind of windows required. It’s important to understand that all areas in your home need different kinds of windows relying on the function you require from the windows.

•    Windows Style

Think about the overall design of your windows and how you wish to decorate your living space with these windows. The size of the windows should be in balance with the overall room capacity. Your home’s interior and exterior design and the surrounding area have major significance in the way your windows look and perform once fitted.

•    The Frame Materials

Various Window frames with different materials, benefits and drawbacks are available. The drawbacks may include appearance, cost, insulation and maintenance. Commonly found options of frame materials are:


It is low priced and sturdy but lacks energy efficiency.


It is low priced, sturdy and energy efficient. It provides a few design options, but its overall appearance is not so appealing.  


It is highly durable, expensive and has strong insulation. It comes with a variety of design options.


It provides a customized look and gives the best energy efficiency, but requires more maintenance as compared to the other given options.


•    Glazing

You need to consider the number of panes of glass you require for the windows. Double-pane windows are the standard option. Along with the extra pane, they give comfort and energy efficiency with the gas that generally fills the hole between the two, which provides extra insulation.  

Why Hopper Window is Perfect for Your Home

Think about the directions and functions of the windows as these elements decide how much natural light, comfort and ventilation your home can get.

•    Good Ventilation

Hopper windows offer great ventilation as they are fitted high up on the wall. Hopper windows are also commonly fitted under or above a picture window as a venting beam in a bathroom over a shower or a door.

•    High Energy Efficiency

The insulated glass in hopper windows enables you to increase the energy efficiency of your home. They are firmly closed and decrease air spills. While they are open, the natural light can easily get into your home, which means that you won’t need to consume artificial light 24x7 to keep a room sufficiently bright during the day.

•    Easy to Clean

Since the sash of a hopper window moves inward, it’s very easy to clean. Both sides of the glass can be washed quickly with ease.

•    Elegant

Hopper windows with their special design enhance the look and style of your home’s modern architecture. Hopper windows are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, basements or living spaces in your home.

•    Less Moisture

With hopper windows, there is less humidity in basements and bathrooms. For reducing the moisture, you just need to open the hopper window before the shower.

•    Secure

Hopper windows are generally quite compact that they make it impossible for someone to break into your home through these windows.

What are the Drawbacks of Hopper Windows?

•    Rainwater Can Get in Your Home

When it’s raining, you cannot leave the hopper windows open. Because they have an inward opening so rainwater can run down in your home if they are left open.

•    Consume More Space

Since hopper windows open inwards, they occupy more space than awning windows. So they are not a good fit for narrow spaces.  

How Much Does a Hopper Window Cost?

Generally, the installation cost of a hopper window ranges from $260 to $720 for each window. This cost is excluded from labor costs.

The prices of hopper windows differ according to their features. The features may include:

Size of the hopper design window

Framing materials

How to Open a Hopper Window?

A hopper window is a compact window that includes hinges on the base permitting it to open downward or inward while at the same time shifting the upper section of the window. This makes hopper windows appear like an awning window with an outward opening from the base.

The hinges enable the window to open completely. For opening it up, turn the wrench style handle inside the base and push the window. The provided supports on both sides of hopper windows make it safe while opening. The supports wrap when the window is shut.

Hopper windows can be opened somewhat at a 45-degree angle or completely at a 90-degree angle. The hinges found at the bottom allow you to open it safely.

A hopper window is commonly installed in the basement or bathroom and provides good ventilation. But they can be fitted anywhere in your home and adorn your living space.


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