Why Impact Windows?

May 24 , 2022

Why Impact Windows?


Why Impact Windows?

Have you heard about impact windows? They can make an amazing look for your house. If you are going to purchase the impact windows for the house, then there is no doubt in it that it will be a great investment to make.

The impact windows not only look attractive, but they have a lot of benefits. You can increase the value of the home and also decrease the energy costs at maximum levels. Not only this, but these windows help in minimizing the risk of damage that is caused due to storms, etc.

Furthermore, if you install impact-resistant windows, you may be eligible for tax breaks or insurance discounts. Installing new impact windows for the home may be the ideal decision if you want to invest in something that will yield immediate and long-term returns. If you're still not convinced, here are indeed a few more points about why impact windows are a good investment.

Increase Home Value:

Installing the new windows in the property will generally boost its value. Prospective house buyers are willing to spend a little more for a home with updated windows since they are more energy-efficient and look prettier.

Impact windows can boost that value even more because they are often superior at insulating a home, resulting in increased energy savings throughout the year. People may feel more secure against burglars and bad weather because impact windows are built to withstand high winds and do not break as quickly with impact. When these extra benefits are considered, impact windows have such a broad appeal to both landowners and home buyers.

When you opt to install impact glass, you must completely replace your windows; there is no coating that can be applied all over the existing glass to provide the same level of protection. Furthermore, impact windows have stronger framing, which will need to be replaced.

However, after the impact windows have been fitted, there is nothing further you need to do. Except for the periodic cleaning with the usual soap and water, you install them and then forget about them!

Reduces The Damage Costs:

When it comes to impact windows, two concepts are crucial: Design Pressure (DP) and Performance Grade (PG). The impact window rating scale will assist you in determining the level of storm protection that a particular style of window may provide.

The design pressure (DP) of a window represents its ability to withstand wind pressure. This rating, denoted by a number, takes into account three distinct criteria: air pressure, water penetration, and structural load. The greater the resistance, the higher the number on the scale.

Safety Degree:

All impact windows go through a design pressure test that ensures the windows will be able to hold up during dangerous major storms. Imagine that each and every 10 points in the DP rating is the equivalent of a hurricane level. Consequently, a DP rating of almost 30 should be able to survive the Category 3 hurricane. Similarly, a DP rating of 40 should be able to survive a Category 4 hurricane, and the list goes so on.

The degree of safety your windows provide against storm damage is determined by the type of impact window you choose (they are graded variously based on performance in different categories). However, whether it's hurricane-force winds or a burglary, your impact windows should keep the expense of repairs to a minimum. If your impact windows do experience damage, they are intended to minimize the likelihood of injury.

Lower Energy Costs:

Utility expenses may quickly add up, especially in hot countries during the summer. While there are techniques to enhance the energy efficiency of your regular windows, these workarounds are rarely as efficient as replacing your standard glass and leaky framing with more thermally insulated, tighter-sealed storm glass windows.

Impact-resistant windows are also quite good at dealing with dramatic temperature changes, which is why many of them are classed as Low-E (low emissivity) impact windows.

Even if temperatures outside significantly drop or rise, glass insulating properties of Low-E impact windows may assist in maintaining a steady temperature inside. This implies that your HVAC system will not have to work just as hard or as frequently to keep your home at a suitable temperature.

Year after year, this equates to decreased gas and electric expenses and more energy savings. According to Energy Star, high-impact windows can save a homeowner up to $500 per year. As a result, the investment in impact glass windows can offer benefits even within the first year.

Tax Credit Potential:

Another strong incentive to install impact glass windows is the possibility of receiving tax breaks (which can vary by state and year). Impact windows which meet Energy Star specifications may be eligible for a tax rebate. Homeowners who replace all or some of the glass windows with Low-E impact windows may be eligible for this credit (subtracting a portion of the cost of the window). To learn more about the potential tax benefits offered by Low-E windows, it is preferable to consult with your accountant or a trained tax specialist.

Insurance Benefits:

Many insurance companies consider impact glass windows and doors excellent windstorm protection solutions. Impact windows safeguard your property at all times, whereas shutters must be installed or closed by the homeowners. Insurance companies are aware of this and may provide discounts on your insurance prices.

Many homeowners' insurance companies give incentives and large policy savings to house owners who install impact glass windows since they lessen the chance of storm damage to your home. Because insurance companies consider impact-resistant windows a valuable safety measure during hurricane season. This could mean big annual savings on the homeowner's insurance.


The impact glass windows are not only safe for the environment and money. But they also provide personal safety. Not only does impact glass withstand storms, but properly placed storm windows offer year-round protection to your home and its inside treasures.

This increased security is entirely due to the way they were built. The majority of impact windows are made up of multiple sheets of glass or other synthetic materials needed to make shattering and penetrating difficult. A burglar may smash your windows with a crowbar, but the glass wouldn't break.

As a result, impact windows are no doubt the best to consider!

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