LD-X76 Villa House Series system window

May 22 , 2021

LD-X76 Villa House Series system window


The frame and sash adopt the corner angle bonding with injection method to increase the strength of the corners. The muntin adopts the pin bolt glue injection process, and the structure is stable. The corners of the window sashes are equipped with PA66 corner protectors, which are safe and beautiful. The PA66 multi-cavity heat insulation strip is used to effectively reduce heat conduction, and the heat preservation performance can reach level 10. The system has three sealing structures, automotive-grade sealing strip, foaming co-extrusion, all the aspects make it beautiful and sealed. The sound insulation performance can reach level 4, the watertight performance can reach level 6, the airtight performance can reach level 8, and the wind pressure resistance can reach level 9. Adopting the German SI Great Wall series of horizontal pivoting hardware, it's finely crafted with a strong bearing capacity and high safety level. The brand new hidden drainage system makes smooth drainage while presenting a beautiful and fashionable look. The drainage trough has a built-in concealed windproof cap to reduce rainwater backflow and effectively drain rainwater outdoors. Equipped with 5+12A+5+12A+5 triple-glass two-cavity double Low-E, argon-filled glass, it's the perfect combination of the system-grade aluminum alloy window frame and high-quality glass. With such excellent performance, LD-X76 Villa House Series system window will never let you down. For more information, check out our website: https://www.lvdunwindows.com Email: sales@lvdunwindow.com Whatsapp: +86-16653603121

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