LVDUN 152 Heavy Duty Lift & Slide Sliding Patio Aluminum Glass Door

Oct 21 , 2021

LVDUN 152 Heavy Duty Lift & Slide Sliding Patio Aluminum Glass Door


Adopting the imported German SIEGENIA lifting push-pull hardware, LVDUN 152 Lift & Slide door is a representative high-quality system door of our company. The handle upward is to open, and the handle downward is to close. In the process of pushing and pulling, if you need to lock, let the handle upward to achieve any angle positioning. You can also use G-U brand hardware. It can be with a one-sided handle and a clasp on the other side or a double-sided handle with a lock. The sealing performance is better than that of other brands of top sealing. With stepped drainage, it can be an outdoor door/balcony door. It can be available with two tracks and two leaves, two tracks three leaves, and two tracks and four leaves. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 300KG. The maximum height is 3040mm. With fully Tempered Safety Double Glazing, 6mm+12Ar+6mm, 5mm+27Ar+5mm, 5mm+9A+5mm+9A+5mm, advanced Low-E Coating, and Argon Gas Filled, it has a high safety level and good sound insulation effect. It utilizes Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles with Powder Coating Finishing. LVDUN Windows & Doors will always bring you a marvelous feeling with high-quality products. If you are interested, please check out our website: Thank you for watching :) Email: Whatsapp: +86-16653603121

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