LVDUN 80 Modern Slim Series Slim-line design slim frame and fush sash windows

Jul 25 , 2021

LVDUN 80 Modern Slim Series Slim-line design slim frame and fush sash windows


For this window, the visible area of the sash is only 7.77 cm, and the inner and outer frame and sash are flush. Equipped with 30mm PA66 special-shaped heat insulation strip, which effectively prevents heat convection and improves the thermal insulation effect. Equipped with imported Belgian Sobinco hardware, no base handle, hidden hinges, anti-pry multi-point locking system, the safety level reaches the European RC3 standard. The glass is matched with a 5+9A+5+9A three-layer hollow tempered glass. The glass carriage is an arch bridge design, which can evenly distribute the weight of the glass and make it stronger. Both sides of the lower cross material of the frame and sash are equipped with PA66 corner protectors to effectively prevent family members from bumping. This series of windows adopt a three-way sealing structure design, frame sealing, sash sealing, and equal pressure sealing. The rubber strip adopts the Shenyang Ruide EPDM automotive-grade sealing strip, and it‘s sealed and beautiful with foam co-extrusion. Due to the extremely narrow design of this window, the view is more transparent, which is more suitable for villas with sea views in scenic areas, etc. With a high-end design, LVDUN 80 Narrow-frame Series will give you a broad vision and unique experience. Check out our website for more information: Email: Whatsapp: +86-16653603121

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